St. Anton, Austria January 2009

Living by the Kroken Ski Resort, the only resort in the world that doesn’t open until all the snow has melted, makes one desperate. In january we were really desperate, and nightly having wet dreams about past experiences in St. Anton, me, Vegard and Andreas (Nilssen) decided to pack our bags and head off for epic pow.

As usual we were traveling bum style, my food budget consisted of a homebaked bread I brought with me (my fathers excellent buddhist recipe), so we checked in to the house of a charming old austrian lady who didn’t speak a word english. The house was a classic alp-style house with a nice scent of heater oil filling the hallways. The breakfast was excellent though, and if we stuffed our pockets properly it could last the whole day.

Snow conditions were  no where near what we had expected, it hadn’t snowed for weeks, so the usual spots in Stuben weren’t in peak conditions. Luckily Vegard had heard of a smaller resort a few kilometers down the road from Stuben, with epic pillows and nice tree skiing.

The rumours were right, in Sonnenkopf virgin snow lay between the trees waiting to get ripped by three pairs of fatskis. the following week we had the most epic pillow/tree skiing we’d ever experienced, and we got a few banger shots. Enjoy!

Sætt på  some fart i sonnenkiopf

Get some speed going, Vegard

Poppin in the woods

Poppin in the woods, Nikolai

Pillow war

Pillow war, Vegard


doiin them shifty's

Andreas doin' them shiftys

stræitlining gjennom skogen

Vegard choosing the fastest route

Below you can see the sonnenkopf piste map. We found the best skiing to be following the “no skiing” signs, nevermind all the warnings, no one really cared.


Looped out!


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