Sponsorzized by tvibit!

In these hard economic times, we had to ask mother Norway (www.tvibit.net) to help us out for our little trip to Japan. We applied for a 25000 noks to make a movie, and got it all. So with our financial problems out of the way we can start chillaxing a bit and not work our rear ends off every single day after school. This means there is more time to hit some urbans and just chill.

Tanner in japan Tanner rippin up some Japan pow samurai style, hopefully we’ll get the same conditions

We have also been blessed a dust of snow, and hopefully, if YR.NO predicts right for the first time since nitten pil og bue we can get some more by wednesday.

yr.no predicting a good 25 cm of pow, at least at higher altitudes

So we haven’t posted to much here due to the lack of snow and surf. But there has been some late night urban missions aroud town with some ice from kunstisbanen, our local ice rink, as slidage. Nikko is editing some of the crazy banana footage as we speak!? So if it doesn’t turn out looped style it will be online pretty soon…

Looped ut!

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2 Responses to Sponsorzized by tvibit!

  1. Fangirl says:

    Dokker så flink og søt!!!!

    Har nikolai kjæreste eller? eller vegard hvis nikolai har?


  2. loooped says:

    Nikolai er åpen for alt! ta kontakt på facebook du;)

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