Scandic railin

As we said there has been a little bit of rail action going on latly and we have been hitting some of the well known rails around tromso. Scandic got to tast our edgeds yesterday, and we have been hitting one behind teorifagsbygget a couple of times aswell. And the snow came as promissed, not 20 cm, but at least enough to get some action going without having to sneak into kunstisbanen and steal it. Probably more higher up, so maybe u can see some fluffy action after the weeked!

Nikko put on his tweed camo to and tried to hide

And one from last year, Andy giving this rail a well deserved finish

Looped out!

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2 Responses to Scandic railin

  1. John says:

    What is kunstisbanen?

  2. loooped says:

    Soory, just didn’t know the word when I was posting, but kunstisbanen is our local ice rink.

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