Fotografîas de kroken

In good, old looped style we just keep posting old shit while we are waiting for white stuff to cover the hills.So here’s some shots from the eminent photographer Christian Knutsen and some from AndyS. The days goes slow when you are  opening advent calendar hatches, not just for christmas, but also lift off to the far east! So a dusting of white would’t just make the christmas spirit come alive, but also make life easier for a poor skibum.

Lars in blackwhite summerstokness

The first trip of the winter is approaching and we are over ready for some sliding, if there is snow to slide. U see when we decided to go to Japan earlier this autumn, the options were Canada/US and Japan. We decided to go for Japan for the different culture and experience. Due to the snow conditions on each side of the world we are getting a little nervous. Seeing north america gettin nuked and all time early season, Japan on the other side is gettin nuked to, with rain. So we are just sending wishes to the north pole for white christmas in Japan as well as Tromso. Hopefully the last prognosis from snow-forecast are correct, and everything will be set for some powder war in the end of this month.

Lars leaning back for a dirty bs rodeo on the dirty kroken late-season kicker

Lars gettin the action on tape

Eivind going for this nose

Here’s the nightsession shot from August and Andreas

August dragging a 3

-Looped ut!

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