Vegard and Nikolai goes to Japan

After 50+ hours of traveling we’ve finally arrived at the black diamond lodge in Niseko, Japan, where we’ll be spending the next couple of weeks shredding pow.

Vegard's prepared for anything on the plane

Usually I don’t mind traveling, but this sucked minor donkey balls. First we flew to Gardermoen and had a sleepover there with movies, snacks and good times (god stemning!), which was all right.

Me getting my movie groove on

Come morning we where checking in to the swiss air flight to Tokyo, with a transit in Zurich. Turns out swiss air has a completely different set of baggage regulations from Norwegian, they told us we’d have to pay 4000 NOK to bring our ski bag (because we had to pay for anything over 15kg). We were both really tired trying to adjust to Japan time by staying up all night, and this was not exactly what we needed in the morning. However we got creative with Andreas’ duct tape and a plastic bag and made ourselves a splendid new ski bag, because you could actually have two bags weighing 15kg.

Top part of our masterpiece

Bottom part, notice the shovel covering the hole we made to stuff all our poles and my binders into the bag

Arriving in Japan, after a surprisingly pleasant ten hour trip (in flight entertainment rocks!), we get the news that our ski bags didn’t make it. So then we were stuck with Japanese flight attendants who barely spoak english for an hour, filling out their forms and explaining where we’re going.

From tokyo we hopped on a flight to Sapporo and then caught a bus to The Black Diamond Lodge in Niseko, where we’re staying now. The place is awesome, with a really chill atmosphere and a crowd mostly made up of freeskiers/boarders and a Mexican restaurant. A unique touch in the land of sushi, I must say.

the bus timetable, Japan is just too comprehensible

Looking forward to faceshots with rental skis tomorrow, it’s dumping right now! Luckily we still have our boots, and we’re told that our skis will arrive by the 31. So stay tuned for actionshots!


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2 Responses to Vegard and Nikolai goes to Japan

  1. Håvard says:

    Sweet gutta! ser fram t et par actionphotos!

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