Going deep in J-pan

So after the biggest dump in years it startet raining just before we got here. And the epic conditions of the previous days turned to ice in the lower terrain. But yesterday it was snowing quite hard, and just the nights snowfall was enough to cover up the ice rink and give us some of the best pow we have ever skied. And people says its quite “bad” conditions, so cant imagine what its like when they call it good. Anyways we had a superb first day after searching town for the fattest rental skis available.


Gettin it on in the deep forests of Jpa

Gettin a small for air on my volkl chopsticks

Still kind of lost in translation and crazy Japanese systems, but we´re gettin there!

But the super sick pow and pillow mania land are not the best part of being here. The toilets are the number one contributor to a full on hyggeparty. Electric heated seats, 4 kind of toilet paper to choose from and lots of electronic stuff that we haven´t figured out what are yet. This make whats usually a pain in the ass while traveling, as smud as the pow we´re skiing here.

They actually have plastic copies of their food on the display outside some restaurants

We’ve also started filming a bit, but it’s really hard because swiss air’s still in possession of our tripod. The helmet cam stuff is turning out really well though, so thanks to Eivind for lending us his GoPro hd!

More action shots..

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