Our second day, which almost scored as high as the first day on the awesome-meter, we went to Rusutsu. Rusutsu is a 40 min drive from the lodge and isn’t quite as big and steep (Japan steep that is) as Niseko but is more mellow, which explains the lack of crowds. It was still a heaps of fun though, a bunch of natural hits like tree jibs and enough mushrooms to satisfy Jamie oliver. There’s even one run that goes trough an amusement park. And if you’re still doubting the awesomeness of the place the whole opening segment of Poorboyz’ Reasons was filmed there.. I shall say no more.

Tree jib rusutsu

Treehugging in Rusutsu

Clayton (the guy running the lodge)  took us over there, along with some other people staying at the lodge, and showed us around. I must say staying here is a totally different experience than anywhere we’ve stayed before, they really know the resort, the vibe is still chill, and all the pros come here (MSP, PBP, Burton team etc). I gotta say it beats staying at an old austrian lady in St. Anton, even though she made the sickest frühstück.

Also, uploaded some unedited headcam stuff from yesterday:

Clayton told me today that JP Auclair gave him the ARGs I’m renting from him. We felt pretty stupid agreeing they were mounted to far back yesterday. Anyways, dumping right now and there’s supposed to be a blizzard tomorrow, so looking forward to more snow. Dunno if we’ll keep doing the daily updates, but as soon as we get more material we’ll post it!

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8 Responses to Rusutsu

  1. TARNTSEN says:

    sykt fet klipp. va jo faktisk sykt bra kvalitet på det head-cam’et. glede mæ til å se mer. stoka

  2. Andreas says:

    siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick kuka fette urettferdig

  3. Fangirl says:

    Keep it comin hotstuff! Stoooooked ❤

  4. Ullz says:

    Sykt gutta…det ser ut som dokker storkose dokker<3

  5. Andreas says:

    tippe at vegard tok misty 7 ut sistedroppen men baila

  6. alex sørensen says:

    satan, ser sick ut! 😀 fettbra kvalitet 😛

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