New years and Hirafu nightskiing

New years eve was crazy. We warmed up at the lodge with a bit of whiskey (which is too cheap over here and you get the stuff in 2 liter bottles at the supermarket, recipe for an alcoholic right there), ski movies and pool. A few days ago four norwegians showed up at the lodge, they’re all “trønder” but one of them is actually studying in Tromsø now, small world! Anyways, these guys proved to be quite handy as the whiskey kept pouring into the new year.

Vegard's gonna drop skiing and become a pro pool player

The whole lodge, including staff, headed over to the Hilton hotel to celebrate. The hyggefactor there wasn’t sufficient for team Norway so Vegard and the trønders headed to Hirafu (biggest town here, ten minute drive from the lodge) because they’d heard there would be strippers at the ice bar (which is actually completely made out of ice). I was already slightly influenced by the whiskey, so even though I was megasuperduperstoked to see japanese strippers I called it a night and caught a ride with a really nice Japanese fellow back to the lodge. These people really put on a good display of hospitality.The strippers proved to a major let down though, as they didn’t strip at all, just did a little poledancing, so Vegard and the trønders went bar hopping through pretty much all of Hirafu. What ensued shall remain undisclosed, except for the achievement of being kicked out of two taxis trying to get back to the lodge.

The price of the whiskey proved to just as ridiculous as the hangover it gave us. We couldn’t get out of bed till 4 pm. To everyones excitement it had been puking outside (both snow and other stuff) through the whole night, so there were insane amounts of pow on the slopes. Luckily there’s nightskiing here so we caught a ride with Clayton to Grand Hirafu and got to ski the best pow in our lifes. And what’s even better is that it’s still dumping outside, so tomorrow will be off the hook! We’re gonna go to Rusutsu again, because the lifts in Niseko will probably be closed off during the blizzard.

Faceshot heaven

We did a bit of filming today, but it’s really hard in this weather. Hopefully we’ll get some bangers tomorrow, there’s a couple of cool spots to shoot at Rusutsu. Goodnight good people!

Grand Hirafu epicness

This post was written by Nikolai by the way, if you were wondering who the “I” person is.

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2 Responses to New years and Hirafu nightskiing

  1. Andy says:

    Guttaboys! Godt nyttår!!:D Ser bare helt rått ut der nede, jævla mamma som nekte mæ i å dra… men ta no å få opp videokameraet, va rå den frontflipen din Nikko! Enjoy guttaaa!

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