Hot springs, Sun and Windlips/Screencap post

downtown Hirafu

Downtown Hirafu

The airline finally managed to ship our skibags to the lodge, which was awesome not just because our skis were in there, we got our tripod as well! January second the lifts at Niseko weren’t running because there was an insane blizzard. It was windy as hell and just snowing too hard, felt like being back in Kroken again. However, Clayton, who always seem to know where the good snow, lines, bars, shops or kicker spots are, said it’d be less windy at Rusutsu so we headed over there again. He wasn’t right this time though, it was windy as hell there to. Freakin crazy, on the first chair up the mountain there was one snowmobile stuck in the snow, two skis and a pole seemingly dropped of the chairlift and some Japanese dude freaking out because of his leg or something. Conditions weren’t ideal. However it wasn’t as super windy in the trees and there was crazy snow, so we filmed a bit of pow cruising.

Screencap from Rusutsu filming, Vegard doing his thing

Yesterday was actually our first sunny day here, which would have been sick for filming if for some reason the snow hadn’t turned to shit. On top of that Vegard had to go to Hirafu to fix his boots, which broke for the billionth time (damn full tilts), so I just cruised around with some guys from the lodge all day. We hit a really cool drop though. If you watch Reasons (Poor Boyz Productions), 9 minutes in Benchetler does a 3, that’s the one. And I did a 3 as well, so I was pretty stoked.

The best part of the day by far, was going to the hot springs. Tagged along with the trønders. The springs are sort of the same as the ones they have in Iceland except that these are J-pan style. No one there spoke english, so it took us ten minutes to figure out where the changing room was and there was a lot of confusion as to which one we should use seeing as they had a big “no men allowed” sign on the door. The springs were awesome, no roof and  snow around the edges for that back to nature feel, and a couple of beers each to top it off. Got some good lifestyle/erotica shots.

Screencap 2. HOT springs, if you know what I mean! or not so much..

Today we built a step down on a windlip and got some semi-banger shots, so we’re going to go back tomorrow for more. We’re getting better at the filming part of things. Been pretty demoralizing not getting any good shots, but today changed that! Super stoked to go back tomorrow, and we’re talking about filming the drop from Reasons to. We’ll probably put together a little edit after we get a few more shots. Tomorrow or the day after, so as we always say stay tuned!

Screencap 3, Vegard slashing up the landing

Also realised that the word “super” is way overused in skiing right now. We’ll announce the new adjective to be used in every sentence in the next update! I’ve also started growing a pretty sick mustache, stay tuned for updates on that as well.

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3 Responses to Hot springs, Sun and Windlips/Screencap post

  1. Fangirl93 says:

    These updates are the highlight of my day! Keep it coming boys 😀

    And Nikko in the pool makes my snatch scraatch 😀

  2. Fanboy2000 says:

    yeah nikko is hawtzor, wonder how that mustache is going to turn out<3

  3. Gary Cole says:

    Very good article. I’ve found your blog via Yahoo and I’m really happy about the information you provide in your posts. Btw your blogs layout is really broken on the Kmelon browser. Would be really great if you could fix that. Anyhow keep up the great work!

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