I guess these countless slightly similar updates get boring in the long run, but I like writing them, it’s actually kind of relaxing. And if you feel like this is turning into Nikolais Bloggorama, don’t worry, the other guys will probably do an update or three soon (forecast says 50 cm of snow for Tromsø!).

Today Vegard was tired (guess he hasn’t eaten his vegetables) and decided to take the day off. Since I knew we wouldn’t get any shots (sucks being each others cameraman, we need a real one) today I decided to go with the trønders (one of them is actually from western Norway)  to Rankoshi-Cho Chisenupuri and do some cruising in the trees. The hill is really small, just one double chairlift, and the place stinks. When I say stink I mean stink like someone just let out a nice, juicy, egg smelling fart in a small crowded room. The smell comes from the hot springs that are located at the bottom of hill. They’re pretty scenic and would make for some epic shots (there’s a really good spot for building a booter right behind them), so we’ll probably go back.

Trønder Patrol posing in front of the hot springs

The place is owned by the japanese army, which explains how they were still open with just ten people on the hill. We didn’t complain though, fresh snow every run was ok+. The terrain was way sicker than Niseko to, we just cruised around and boosted off natural hits the whole day. Trønder patrol plus Nikolai turned into backflip and frontlip patrol.

A tree flip is when you do a sick ass backflip of a shroom and land in a tree

Petter (trønder #2) brought his camera and snapped away.

Per, the trønder marine, ripping trees like he rips rødfis (blanks) back home

Unfortunately the lift closed due to the wind at 3 pm. We weren’t too bummed seeing as we had skied freshies all day, and chilled in the creepy spa (eerily similar to the hotel in the shining) beside the hill until Tanner (chill dude, works at the lodge) picked us up and drove us to the not quite so smelly hot springs close to annupuri. The massage chairs at that place really are the definition of awesome, they’re almost better than getting a real massage, even from a hot thai masseuse.

Back at the lodge Clayton and the boys had finished the landing for the table which will be part of the sickest backyard setup, probably even better than Håtveits. They’re building it for the Burton team, who will arrive the 13th, but we’ll get to session it. Gonna be sick. There’s also going to be a bunch of parties when the burton guys come, so looking forward to that!

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  1. fanboy2k says:

    Omg ju gais ar 2tally åsom and hawt

  2. Fangirl93 says:

    Fanboy be crampin my style! Get lost.

    Jeg liker stilen gutter, bare å holde det gående.

    Gleder meg til partypics med burtongutta ;D

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