Booters, Pillows and Hitchhiking

Today Clayton drove us to a kicker spot he’d told us about not far from Chisenupuri. It was a nice rollover/stepdown, seemed hella mellow, but jumping in the backcountry is hella different to jumping in the park. We crashed so much today. Luckily the snow is soft though, so except for a minor concussion for Vegard we were unhurt.

After the booter session we hiked over to some pillows that weren’t too far away. The snow conditions were hella inconsistent there, with soft snow in the upper sections and hardpack further down. The shots turned out ok though, you can check them out (oh yes, that’s right!!!) in our first edit of the trip.

And I do realize that your birthday isn’t till the 9. but I wanted to dedicate the edit to you anyways papz. Much love from Nippon!

Seeing as we were lost in the wilderness, with no way of getting back, we decided to hitchike back to the lodge. Turns put japanese people aren’t hella stoked on having to random euros in their high thech super toyotas, so we’d almost lost hope when a guy pulls over in the sickest minivan. He’d rebuilt the entire interior of the car, with a bed, sink and all other necessities needed for ski bumming. Or at least that’s what we thought it was for, kind of hard to ask because he only spoke japanese. Still, we managed to explain where we were headed with the three japanese words we know. As if the van wasn’t rad enough, the guy pulled out a bottle of red wine and later a bit of whiskey. That was all good, nothing like a little alcohol do avoid cardiovascular diseases after a day of skiing, but when he started taking sips of the bottles we thought it’d be best to get off. Too bad we couldn’t tell him, so he drove us to the lodge in a jolly mood.

Mustache update!

As you can see the mustache is coming along nicely, going to be epic by the end of the trip (hopefully not so pube-like). Also, as you might’ve noticed, the new adjective to be used excessively in skiing is “hella”. Thanks to Cartman for inspiration.

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2 Responses to Booters, Pillows and Hitchhiking

  1. Eirik says:

    Sweet film gutta! kordan kamera brukte dåkker på skiklippan, og kordan framerate?

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