Concrete, party, fluffyness

Two days ago the mountain looked like this:

Windblown concrete snow

We were not stoked at all, Japan seemed a lot like a shitty day back home. And when we were caught ducking ropes by the ski patrol we gave up skiing for the day. Ended up shooting some sick lifestyle shots in the kids playground slope.

Day after was pretty much the same, except for a light dusting. So we faked some faceshots and bonked a tree stump (the shots actually turned out to be pretty good). Skiing all day is hella hard, we’re dead and ready for bed by 6 pm every day. We’d actually decided to skip the Burton party, but everyone at the lodge were hella stoked so we dragged ourselves off the beds, brought the partycam and tagged along with the crew from the lodge.

Partypeople! (from left) Vegard, Chris and Tanner + random japanese chicks

Mandatory drunk chick dancing on the bar

The party was pretty legit. Not too many people, but then again the bar wasn’t the biggest either so you didn’t feel like the place was empty. They’d really gone all out on the Burton theme too, with method and handplant drinks and the b movie playing on repeat. And everyone seemed to ski or snowboard. The whole night seemed to be a long discussion about how good Nisekos powder is, and everyone were agreeing so there was definitely hella hygge. Turns out it was the japanese burton team, not the international one, that showed up. Oh well, guess they rip too.

Me and an alleged 686 pro rider, definitely the craziest character that night


Will, the inspiration for my mustache

The evening shall be put in the “pretty sweet, not totally mindblowing” category of our memory, and I’ve gotta say the B movie is the sickest. The vibe is totally different to ski movies. None of that gangsta tall-tee, “powder dude, it’s like skiing on a cloud” or “I’m a hella cerial pro skier” stuff. Just good times. I think that’s what we’re aiming at with our film from over here.

Today we woke up to half a meter + of the fluffy stuff. Gotta say it’s pretty awesome that it goes from rock hard to more snow than you even need in just a day! We decided we were sick of filming, so we just shredded all day. And ate lunch at the best lunch buffét around, at the melt bar which is at the Hilton. For 1500 yen you can stuff your face with the most delicious food, while listening to soft classical music. Pretty sweet.

Did take one photo today:


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