Last day in Niseko

The Black Diamond Lodge is pretty rad. Yesterday they hosted a party/jam in their backyard, where they’d built a sick park with a a kicker, a rail on top of a garage and a quarterpipe. The lodge crew (Will, Tanner and Chris + boss man Clayton) had been working on the setup all week, and there were insane amounts of snow that had to be piled up and shaped. The day before the jam the setup wasn’t finished, so pretty much everyone staying at the lodged grabbed their shovels (essential part of avy kit kids!) and helped finish it up, dugnad style.

Pleasing the crowd

The Burton team and some spanish pros stopped by, and so we sessioned it with flashes going off and the crowd cheering. The lodge crew were really stoked to finally hit it after all the work they put into it, Will and Tanner were the last to stop hitting the setup because it started snowing a lot. I really liked the concept, my two favorite activities in the same place in one night! The dj played old school gangsta rap all night, and we got tired we could just go up to our rooms, just like having a houseparty but without any of the responsibility.

Vegard getting that tailgrab

Turns out it had been really dumping last night, today we woke up to more powder than we’ve ever skied before. And even a bit of sunshine at first! We spent the entire day cruising pow in the trees and getting the last shots for the movie. Some pictures to give you an idea of how deep it was:

As you can see there was a lot of the white fluffy stuff. We couldn’t get enough, skied till the lifts closed at 9.


Pretty much a perfect last day, but we’re bummed to leave all this snow behind. Luckily Torkel is picking up were we left off, so be sure to follow his adventures over here.

We’re both agreeing this has been our best trip ever, the snow, the people, everything has been hella rad. We’ve even gotten a few good shots for the film, so I’m actually thinking it’ll turn out all right, and Torkel says he’ll contribute too so chances are it’ll be hella good, maybe even hella hella good. Anyways, now it’s back to school for a month before Vegard goes to Stuben, St. Anton to ski more powder and I head off to Åre to do some park skiing and party with the swedes. We’ll edit the footage as soon as possible, Vegards working on a little edit now and we’ll have a longer film by the end of next month I hope. And if anything cool goes down back home we’ll keep you posted on that too!

Peace folks!

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  1. Eirik says:

    Jizzed in my pants….

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