Back to the ice rink!

Will the mustache man dropped his shovel to shred some pow

So, after two days travel with a quick pit stop in Tokyo we´re unfortunately back in northern norways ice skating capital Tromsø. Sucks, specially when our last day were our best and Torkel is reporting of epicness  and 10 second faceshottubes. Well well, at least  Tokyo was hook with Datarock playing at La fabrique and the xtmandatory good times that follows when a norwegian band  plays the one night we were there

Would ul eave this for an ice rink?

Subwayin around Tokyo

So after a long night at La fabrique and a not so long night at our hotel we were packing up our stolen trollies and headed for Narita airport with a suitable headache and somewhat irritable stomach. Unfortuanally we reached our flight and had go go back to the hella epic ice skating conditions.  At least we have tons of footage for the upcoming film and its just to start editing. U have seen the “teaser” and thats just some of the action we trapped inside our canon 7d´s memory card! So stay tuned, this time it will not turn out looped style!


Backstage with Datarock!

Early morning rollin towards the airport!

Had the most epic three weeks in a long and it kind of sucks to be back in Tromso city as its covered in enough ice to host the ice skate olympics. On the bright side we´ve heard rumors of knee deep pow in the higher elevations and we´re probably hittin it up to the weekend.

Looped ut!

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