Not so serious in Zürs

After a long taxi ride from München we found ourselves between møkkakjellere and Draculas (swedes, äppleflickor).
The crew this year were Andy, Andreas, Lars, Vegard, Eirik and J-man aka Thor aka the young-gun, and everyone in the crew was stoked about the powder that we never found in St. Anton.

In Stuben, aka Looped town no.1 we actually found some good powder, and Vegard got too stoked and strapped on his fucked up helmet, and did a double drop to headplant. He woke up in the hospital high on drugs and with a concussion.

We travelled to the  north-west to Zürs and we found some sweet ass pow, to Vegards frustration because he was home eating candy, wienerschnitzel and bratwurst. The pictures speaks for themselves.

Andy sprouts

Andy sprouts

J-man checking out the conditions

Eirik aka it-man squirting some snow on the german ravers

More to come, stay tuned Looped out

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One Response to Not so serious in Zürs

  1. Ole says:

    Fyfan d ser bra ut!!

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