This trip didn’t go quite as expected at least not for me. Coming down here I was hoping to get some pow, cliffs and pillows. Well, the only pillows I´ve been getting is the pillow in my bed, the only cliff i´ve hit is the one that sent me to the hospital and the pow is still waiting to get tracked.  So while the others are out shreddin i´ve pushed the sheets to the limit and worked my sleeping stamima up to olympic standards.

The proving ground for my extreme sleep training

Enjoying the view and some high end gulash soup on top

The first day we took it quite easy to begin with,  had some nice tourist sightseeing around Valuga, enjoyed some good quality goulash soup on top and straight out had a good time as long as it lasted. After doing some Swede slalom down to Stuben we took a couple laps in the woods before we continued to the higher elevations and some more challenging terrain.  Coming from Japan I should have been used to soft landings, but the forgiving snow on the first of  two cliffs  came as a surprise. Happy as I am in tomahawkning I did some hella smud araber-flick-flacks over the cliffs. In the middle of these nice gymnastic moves my head got in a little argument about who´s stronger  with an grumpy rock and unfortunately it had to see it self beaten by this angry austrian granit bastard. Couple minutes later I found my self in an ambulance on my way to Dr. Josef Spitzgaren at der Krankenhaus am Zams. At least thats what I´ve been told… This nice doctor could give me the pleasant news of no skiing or alcohol in 1 week. What to do down here then? Well, as I said i´ve been working my sleeping skills from 2200 to 1600… But its getting a little bit boring so i´m thinking about making a guided to some of the nice SPA´s around here, so stay tuned!

Andy gettin some air while iam gettin some sleep

The others have been kind enough to let me know how epic things are on the mountain during the day and the bars at night. Well, today i actually joined the other guys along with Hjalmar the danish extremskiier of himmelbjerget for a night out. And got to say it, the backslick factor is high and the ralph lauren polos sits tight, but had a good time. Even though i felt a little like Andreas Håtveit sitting there along with all the drunks and only nipping to a coke. We even got a bit of action when Andy was so cheap that i wouldn’t pay the 1.5 euros for his jackets safety, and guess what. A sneaky as polish dude in shorts liked the smell of it so much that he tried to sneak it with him back to poland, and blamed the high oil prices for his misery. So good fun both on and of the hills here in swedemanialand.

The kitchen section of our apartment, right next to the bathroom section, bedroom sec tion and the livingroom. Compact living!

Iam back on skiis to days before departure and if the forecast is right i think those two days will be the best. So iam just gonna sit tight till then and work my sleeping stamina to unseen levels.

Looped put!

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