This, that and whatnot… Facial hair, surfing and

Harald Hårfagere once claimed that he would let his facial hair grow til he had united Norway. In his spirit we´ve decided to pick up where Nikolai ended in Japan. We´re going to let our upper lip hair grow til the end of November, or by the time we´ve conquered the hearts of all the Norwegian girls here in Bali, whatever come first. We´re also taking this as preparations for the the adventbart event that is starting 1st of December back home. And we´re looking forward to take our well groomed mustaches to the bars of Tromsø… As for the first week its going pretty good, gotten a good base layer and are looking forward to bring out those grooming products to get the swing right in a couple of days… Pics to come

This is what Nikolai is working for- the bigger the better!



While Nikolai is going all in rastamonsta-Vegard has a more technical approach


As for less important stuff, we´ve finish our mid-term exams and are pretty sure that they´re all gonna come back with a nice little A on them, maybe even with a little + at the end, but we´ll see… So if you have any questions regarding Kant, HDM or even Mr. Aristoles himself AKA Stotta as he goes by here in Villa Pantai, shoot! Cogito ergo sum!


Nikolai encountering some stability problems while  field testing  Arkimedes´s law using  the house-turtle Freddy as flotation device



Our pool area... right inbetween our dancefloor, dining hall and the bungaløøvs


Surfing, we´re getting too much, so we won´t bother writing about it. Other than that we´ve mostly been chilling deep inside the 6 foot barrels of Ulu´s, snapped four boards, tasted some reef, almost drowned – yeah just straight out enjoyed ourselves! Here´s picture of nikko gettin roofed. The reason that there are no pics of Vegard is that he´s pretty much always is so deep in the barrel that there is no vison or boosting airs out of the cameras range finders……. So thats a bit of an issue right there, but we´re working on it.. Hjamar and Ulrik are pushing the limits of Kuta beach, getting their game together and are soon ready to step into the shade. Last team member Øystein got slammed by a Indo chick who drove on red, and haven´t really gotten into the surfing game.. but his coming.


Nikolai trying to sneak away from the photodudes at ulus



Ulu´s sunset, it´s allright...



Nikolai snapped Vegard´s, god dammit clayton


There has also been some mountaineering going on lately, and there are actually a movie dropping within a few days. Staring a couple of our guys in the battle against Mt.Agung, so stay frosty!

Looped ut!

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